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Ever wish you (as a website owner) could change the content on your website without contacting your website administrator?

Are you being besieged by your customers to make minor text changes to their websites?


If you are either a website owner - or website administrator, I-Announce popup windows are for you! By adding some simple code (once) to your website, you can change the content of your I-Announce popup windows from the comfort of your browser - Anytime - Anywhere !

Use I-Announce Popups to:

  • Add Your latest words of Wisdom to you site!
  • Advertise your latest Sale, Event, or Important Message!

Remember - the text on your popup can be changed ONLY by you - but - can be viewed by everyone instantly!!



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    spaces in your account name
    - and it must be
    unique. (up to 20 characters long)
  • Password: Your password IS secret (and case
    sensitive!) - so pick a name no-one can guess -
    and that YOU can remember! There cannot be
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    . (your password
    can be up to 20 characters long). Remember - If
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  • Real Name:  Umm - that's your Name!
  • E-Mail Address: Enter your e-mail address and
    please verify that it is correct! If you enter a wrong
    e-mail address, we can't e-mail you the code
    to add the popup to your website!
    This E-mail Address will also appear on your
    Popups so that we and your Popup visitors
    can E-mail you !

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24 ) { $err = "Your account name has too many characters !"; } if ( $password != $password2 ) { $err = "Your passwords do not match!"; } $password = str_replace(" ", "", $password); if ($rowcount != 0) { $err = "The account name is already in taken!";} if ( $password == $id ) { $err = "Your password is the same as your account name!"; } if ( strlen($email) < 7 || !strpos($email,"@") || !strpos($email,".") ) { $err = "Your E-mail address is invalid !"; } if ($err != "") { ?>


"; $text = $text . "
"; $text = $text . "at the bottom of this Popup - and enter your new Title or Text.\n\n"; $text = $text . "To alter your I-Announce page Background color or image, Text color, Title color, Link colors or add your banner to your popup, "; $text = $text . "please click on the

at the bottom of this Popup - and then click the advanced setup link!\n\n"; $text = $text . " Thank You for Choosing I-Announce"; $text = addslashes(trim($text)); $bg = "ffffff"; $ti = "ff0000"; $te = "000000"; $ne = "0000ff"; $sql = "INSERT INTO users (userid,password,subdate,name,email,weburl,center,text,title,bgcolor,ticolor,tecolor,necolor,counter) VALUES ("; $sql = $sql . "'$id','$password',$newsubdate,'$name','$email','$weburl','$center','$text','$title','$bg','$ti','$te','$ne',1"; $sql = $sql . ")"; $result = mysql_query($sql); if ($result) { $res1 = "has been updated successfully !"; // send the e-mail code link $to = "$email"; $from_header = "From: IANsupport@theimsweb.com"; $subject = "I-Announce.net Popup Code"; $contents = "The I-Announce Popup code to be inserted\n"; $contents = $contents . "on your website for:\nPopup Account: $id\nPopup Password: $password\n"; $contents = $contents . "can be obtained by clicking on the below link\n"; $contents = $contents . "and doing a Copy/Paste of the code for your webpage !\n"; $contents = $contents . "(copy the code from the page - Paste it to the website)\n"; $contents = $contents . "http://www.i-announce.net/IAN/code.phtml?id=$id\n\n"; $contents = $contents . "Please forward this E-Mail to your website Administrator.\n\n"; $contents = $contents . "WANT TO REMOVE OUR AD BANNERS AND ADD MORE POPUP FEATURES?\n"; $contents = $contents . "To upgrade this free Popup to a PREMIUM POPUP,\n"; $contents = $contents . "or for additional PREMIUM POPUP Information,\n"; $contents = $contents . "visit our Homepage at:\n"; $contents = $contents . "http://www.i-announce.net\n"; $contents = $contents . "and click on any (Premium Popup)\n"; $contents = $contents . "or (Payment Center) Links !\n"; $contents = $contents . "Pay online - and your upgrade is immediate!\n\n"; $contents = $contents . "The I-Announce Support Team\n"; $contents = $contents . "http://www.I-Announce.net"; //send mail - $subject & $contents come from surfer input mail($to, $subject, $contents, $from_header); } else { echo ";Update Failed $userid - $password !"; exit(); } ?>


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