Profile Planned Matings Rather Than Random Chance For Your TB Stallion

Profile Gets Sensational Results With Distorted Humor

[Blood Horse May 31, 2003]

From 14 planned matings in first crop:

Awesome Humor [G1] : Funny Cide [G1] : Go Rockin' Robin [G2]

[Think about it! A Grade 1 winner from each 7 matings]

From the other 53 foals in first crop:

Humorous Lady [G2]

Distorted Humor : Leading Freshman Sire 2002
Distorted Humor : Runnerup Second Crop Sire 2003
Distorted Humor : Sixth Leading Third Crop Sire 2004

Victory Gallop : Second Leading Freshman Sire 2003
Victory Gallop : Leading Second Crop Sire 2004

Yes Its True : Leading First Crop Sire : 2004
Yes Its True : Third Leading 2YO Sire : 2004

3 of 14 or 1 of 53
The difference is outstanding - the choice is yours:

Planned For Success or Random Chance?

Use Our Pedigree Skills For Your Next Stallion
Now accepting applicants for class of 2009 runners

We will profile your stallion prospect and select damsires whos daughters are most likely to work well with him. Particular strains and families will be suggested as well.

We use tried and true linebreeding patterns that have been proven over time.
Moreover, with more than 50 years experience, we have a wealth of observations to draw on.

No information, no matter how valid, has any value unless it is utilized.
We include in our service the dynamic implementation of the profile.

We will use the profile to:

Screen and approve mares
Recruit mares
Arrange foal shares [if desired]
Acquire mares specifically for the stallion

We will perform an annual update on the profile and add those sires who merit it when their first daughters wil be aged 3 in the coming breeding season.

No Cash Required For Our Profile and Services

We will perform the Lifetime Stallion Management Service for your stallion
in return for one or more lifetime breeding rights

Les Brinsfield
John Prather
[See Blood Horse magazine - page 3024 of the May 31, 2003 issue]

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