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", rtrim($contact)); $popup = "javascript:popUp('http://www.i-announce.net/IAN/load.phtml?id=$id')"; $line1 = "$title\n$body\n$contact\n$linktext\n$email\n$keywords\n"; //$line1 = $line1 . "$email;"; $filename = "$base/template.html"; /* this is the template */ $fp=fopen("$filename","r"); $content=fread($fp,filesize("$filename")); fclose($fp); //echo $content; $content = str_replace ("#ID#", $id, $content); $content = str_replace ("#LINE1#", $line1, $content); $content = str_replace ("#TITLE#", $title, $content); $content = str_replace ("#BODY#", $body, $content); $content = str_replace ("#CONTACT#", $contact, $content); $content = str_replace ("#LINKTEXT#", $linktext, $content); $content = str_replace ("#POPUP#", $popup, $content); $content = str_replace ("#EMAIL#", "mailto:$email", $content); //echo $content; $filename = "$base/$id.phtml"; $fp = fopen( $filename,"w"); fwrite( $fp, $content, 20000); fclose( $fp ); ?>

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